Best Astounding Wedding Photos of 2018

A wedding is the most crucial event of any person’s life and it could be considered a bigger risk to trust the wedding photographers as the wedding process is so mesmerizing that you cannot capture the moments that had already happened. That’s where Fearless Awards comes in, a site which appreciates best photographers from around the world.

A panel of expert curators selects the collection of top-class wedding photos basically known as Fearless Awards within every two months. Very few submissions are selected and therefore encourages more and more wedding photographers to push their limits of professional wedding photography. Wedily Creations has compiled a list of some of the best Fearless Awards has to offer in 2018 so far, and the result is stunning. From a beautiful couple posing in front of Taj Mahal to a baby taking rest in the arms of her mother, these images perfectly capture each and every moment that makes a ceremony memorable. Scroll down for the amazing shots!

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Credits: MICHELLEESTEVEZ (Dominican Republic)


Credits: MARIO DE LUZIO (Naples, Italy)


Credits: HENDRA LESMANA (Jakarta, Indonesia)


NITIN DANGWAL  (New Delhi, India)


Credits:  SANOJ KUMAR  (Kochi, India)


ISIDRO CABRERA SOSA (Islas Canarias, Spain)


HENDRA LESMANA (Jakarta, Indonesia)




Credits: CHOMI DELGADO (Burgos, Spain)


Credits: Credits: MARIOS KOUROUNIOTIS (Munich, Germany)


Credits: KEMRAN SHIRALIEV  (Moscow, Russia)


Credits: CABRIELA MATEI (London, UK)


Credits: ERIKA MANN (Canmore, AB)


Credits: DANIEL DUMBRAVA (Bucharest, Romania)


Credits: DANIEL DUMBRAVA (Bucharest, Romania)


MIGUEL PONTE (Madeira, Portugal)


ROMAN PERVAK (Rome, Italy)


OLIVIER BOLTE (Montpellier, France)


CHUQING YE (Wenzhou, China)


Credits: FABIO MIRULLA (Florence, Italy)






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