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We are one of the best Indian

destination wedding planners

based in Mumbai. We plan weddings and parties across the globe. We can help you plan your dream wedding anywhere i.e., wedding in forts to wedding in palace, beach wedding,

island wedding

, gateway,

wedding on hills

to the wedding in finest resorts of Mumbai and other cities. We have a strong vendors relationship across the globe to ensure all the deliverables are smooth and on-time.

Every wedding detail, from the setting to the officiant to the flowers and the cake, can be arranged at a destination to suit your taste and make your day more memorable.

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Destination Weddings and Parties

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Picture yourselves in a warm, luxurious atmosphere with happy friends and family toasting the two of you after recuperating from travel time. Music plays and a feast of fine food awaits. After the wedding ceremony, you won't have to leave a breathtakingly beautiful location so soon... if you choose to have your honeymoon there as well.

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