Terms and Conditions

The Terms & conditions agreement is mainly used for legal purposes by websites like us other and internet service providers that store a user's personal data. A legitimate terms-of-service agreement is legally binding and may be subject to change. The terms "We", "Us","Our" or "wedilycreations" means wedilycreations website. (www.wedilycreations.com)

We have every right to bring in change or improvement to these T&C without bringing you into notice. So, you become legitimate to accept them when you visit our website.

Website terms of use and agreement

  • WedilyCreations is wedding/party planner, designer and coordinator for authentic and unique celebrations. From lavish wedding affairs, to parties, family celebrations or exotic destination weddings and hence use wedilycreations website to show cast their services and work portfolio.
  • Any inquiry made by person on website should be 18 or more years of age with clear background with national/regional jurisdictions.
  • Any inquiry made on the website should be genuine and should not aim at anything not related to us.
  • Any information used at the time of inquiry like name, email and contact should be genuine.
  • Wedilycreations are strict & straight forward in NOT providing partnerships, joint ventures, enterprises, agencies or employment with anyone including you. Therefore, your behaviour matters the most.
  • www.Wedilycreations.com is both free and available to all, but at the same time we mention that you use our website at your own risk.

Warranty Disclaimer & Content Rights

  • Any data, Images, themes, designs software, text, information, material, graphics, infotainment (Audio & Video) if any, displayed and/or used on this Site is the property of Wedily Creations Pvt Ltd and hence we have full rights & authority to know how much & what to share with our clients.
  • We are always at your service, please be relaxed in case you have made an inquiry, our team will get back to you. Our services might get delayed in some cases where we need to figure out how and when your inquiry shall be answered to bring in the best outcome.
  • Wedilycreations cannot be blamed in case you are misled by its any form of data or information on website. Nor any of its employees are responsible for the it and you(client) acknowledges the same while visiting us.
  • We also free ourselves from any responsibility for the arrangements made during event like, untimely delivery, material handling, wrong delivery, wrong storage or broken props.